Protecting Our Families' Budgets

Cheryl Dinolfo is committed to keeping County property taxes flat. On the day she announced her candidacy, Cheryl made it clear that protecting our families' budgets from higher taxes is her top priority:

“Simply put... I will not raise County property taxes. Our families can’t afford it… our community can’t tolerate it... and I WILL NOT DO IT.”

And, when it comes to protecting taxpayers, Cheryl Dinolfo has a proven record we can count on. As County Clerk, she has focused on improving customer service while minimizing costs to ensure her office contributed to keeping taxes flat. In fact:

Cheryl Dinolfo has returned over $30 million to taxpayers since taking office as our County Clerk. She will bring that record of success to the County Executive’s Office!

We can trust Cheryl Dinolfo to always put our families and taxpayers first. She’ll demand that our money is spent wisely and that County government delivers results at the lowest possible cost. Cheryl has proven she can do it:

Under Cheryl Dinolfo’s leadership, the Monroe County Clerk’s Office is considered a statewide leader and Cheryl has been honored by her colleagues for her commitment to serving the public.

Cheryl Dinolfo is the clear and proven choice for a County Executive who is tough on taxes and will protect our families’ budgets!

Protecting Our Families' Budgets 

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