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For Immediate Release: July 9th, 2015

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Cheryl Dinolfo Endorsed by Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino

Astorino won Monroe County in his race for Governor, Highlighted Dinolfo’s Record of Protecting Taxpayers and Standing Up to Albany 

Rochester, NY -- Cheryl Dinolfo (R, C, I) today accepted the endorsement of Rob Astorino, the Westchester County Executive, for her candidacy to be the next Monroe County Executive. Astorino cited Dinolfo’s commitment to keeping property taxes flat, creating and retaining jobs and ensuring that County government is ethical and transparent in making his endorsement.

“Rob Astorino is a proven leader when it comes to fighting taxes and protecting jobs. We share a vision and commitment of putting taxpayers first and ensuring opportunity for every family, every child and every business in our communities,” said Dinolfo. “I’m proud to have his endorsement and I look forward to working with him to bring prosperity back to every corner of our Counties and our State.”

Astorino stated that Dinolfo is a proven executive who has returned over $30 million to taxpayers through her efficient operation of the County Clerk’s Office. He also noted her willingness to stand up to Albany and her successful fight against State’s plan to charge residents for new license plates on every vehicle they owned.

"The taxpayers of Monroe County can have enormous faith with Cheryl Dinolfo at the helm," said County Executive Astorino. "Cheryl understands the crushing burden property taxes place on hardworking families. She will not only work to make Monroe county government smarter and more efficient, but she will be a strong fighter against the state's never-ending money grab. I look forward to having her as a partner as we work to cut taxes and reform Albany's unfunded mandates."
Both Dinolfo and Astorino stressed that County governments must focus on fighting taxes and creating jobs, but that State government in Albany has to change and commit to being a full partner in these efforts.




For Immediate Release: June 23rd, 2015

For Media Inquiries Contact: Republican Headquarters 546-8040

Cheryl Dinolfo Radio Interview

Cheryl Dinolfo discussed her campaign with Evan Dawson on the WXXI program Connections. In case you missed the show, click the link to hear the entire interview. Please share this with your family and friends to help spread my message.


For Immediate Release: January 23rd, 2015

For Media Inquiries Contact: Republican Headquarters 546-8040

Cheryl Dinolfo to run for County Executive

Rochester, NY –Chairman Bill Reilich proudly presented the Republican candidate for County Executive yesterday afternoon, Cheryl Dinolfo. “Cheryl is a leader, a fighter, a friend, and an advocate, and the only candidate with the qualifications and moral fiber to lead this county to a brighter future.”

In her acceptance speech, Dinolfo reflected on her hard work and innovation that resulted in a more efficient County Clerk’s office that provided a record $30 million dollar surplus to tax payers.

Cheryl then went on to outline her main initiatives as County Executive: no increase property tax rates, creating a Job Creation Leadership Forum and an Office of Public Integrity. “Our community deserves a County government that is the most ethical and most transparent in the nation.”

Cheryl Dinolfo is ready to continue to work hard for our families and taxpayers of Monroe County.


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