An Honest, Ethical Leader We Can Trust!

Cheryl Dinolfo is the only candidate to offer a forward-looking integrity agenda to ensure our County government is ethical and transparent.

“As County Executive, I will implement a forward-looking integrity agenda that will eliminate LDCs, create an Office of Public Integrity to investigate ethics violations and post all County contracts online for public review. This will ensure an unprecedented level of transparency in County government that will save taxpayer dollars.”

Join with Cheryl to Ensure Ethical Government!

Eliminating LDCs -- Cheryl Dinolfo believes that work of County government should be overseen by her as County Executive and her leadership team, not by third-parties. By eliminating LDCs, Cheryl Dinolfo will ensure all County projects are completed efficiently and cost-effectively to protect taxpayers.

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Creating an Office of Public Integrity -- Making sure all County employees act honestly and ethically is a must for Cheryl Dinolfo. That’s why she’ll create an Office of Public Integrity to review county operations and prevent waste or corruption.

Stand with Cheryl and Support Integrity in County Government!

Posting County Contracts Online -- Cheryl Dinolfo will make sure all County contracts are posted online for public review - allowing anyone to review them, anywhere, from their computer, tablet or smartphone. This unprecedented level of transparency will allow taxpayers to know that their money is being well spent.

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