Ensuring Opportunity for our Families, Creating and Protecting Jobs

Cheryl Dinolfo understands that the wellbeing of our families is tied to the wellbeing of their jobs. She will focus on protecting our families' jobs and attracting new jobs ensuring opportunities for all. It’s why Cheryl is running:

“I’m running for County Executive to ensure that every child, every family, every business in our community can succeed and build a stronger future, together ... right here in Monroe County!

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Cheryl Dinolfo is committed to ensuring opportunity for everyone in Monroe County by creating and protecting jobs. Throughout her campaign, Cheryl has stressed that job creation programs have to deliver better results!

Cheryl Dinolfo will demand that all businesses that receive the County’s help, in the form of incentives or rebates, for projects over $1 million dollars, double the amount of jobs that they are required to generate. And, she’ll hold all businesses accountable for delivering on their promises.

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Our efforts to create and retain jobs need to complement, and not conflict, with one another. As our County Executive, Cheryl Dinolfo will create a Job Creation Leadership Forum to bring together the heads of the numerous private and public agencies responsible growing our economy.

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to building our economy, but each of us needs to put a shoulder to the common wheel and make sure that we are all headed in the same direction! Cheryl Dinolfo will bring local leaders together to deliver more opportunity and jobs for all of us!

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