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Cheryl Dinolfo believes it's not about where you start life, but how you finish. Cheryl is committed to improving access to quality child care for our children and working families. She understands that the best example for any young child are parents who have jobs and a path to a successful future. That means working with our elected officials at the State level and local leaders to ensure our fair share of childcare funding from Albany. Equally important, Cheryl believes in providing a consistent and reliable level of County funding to help keep parents working.

Join Cheryl In Helping Working Parents and Ensuring Every Child Has The Best Possible Start!

Cheryl Dinolfo believes that child care support should also be there as working families begin to achieve success and not disappear just as families are becoming self-sufficient. That’s why she supports a sliding scale for child care that adjusts over time as families improve their income. This will encourage working families to aim higher, commit to the workforce and build a lasting future that leads to self sufficiency.

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